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Main Hardware Arts

Graphic Arts

Moscow, 2005 Feb
'Burda Publishing House
Auto-Composing Graphics & Paintings.
Moscow, 2000 Jan
'Central House of Artists' - 22.12.1999 till 11.01.2000 in hall nr 9
Auto-Composing - an overview.
Moscow, 1999 Jan
'Gallery Triumph'
Auto-Composing computer graphics exhibited.
Moscow, 1998 Jan
'Central House of Artists'
Auto-Composing computer graphics exhibited.
Moscow, 1997 Jan
'Central House of Artists'
1 year exhibited Graphical Auto-Composing computer terminal.
Moscow, 1996 Jan
'Central House of Artists '
Presentation of enlarge Auto-Composed computer graphic.
Moscow, 1995 Jan
'Central House of Artists'
Adapted into the museum art collection (enlarge Auto-Composed computer graphic).
Hamburg H.M. Stubnitz 1994 Sep
Media ship:Art Moderne presentation on one computer.
Moscow 1994 March
'Art Panorama' magazine: Publication of 3 computer graphics.
'Meden' 1994 Mar
Amsterdam: Exhibition of old works, computer graphics and secret computer installation (Marc Marc and Benten).
HEU 1993 August
Flevoploder: 'Hacking at the End of the Universe, hackers congress: Art Moderne installation with 3 computers.
The Absolute Threshold 1993 Aug
Amsterdam (Niewe Meer), Machine party: Art Moderne installation with 3 computers.
Bijster, 1992 December
'Amsterdam: Bijster X-mas stand': Marc Marc and Benten, street performance on one computer.
Paradiso, Amsterdam 1992 Dec
'The Virtual Department', Art Moderne computer installation and presentation on Video Beam. Lees concept tekst
Amsterdam 1992 Oct
Member of group exhibition in gallery 'En Masse': Auto Composed computer graphics.
Vienna 1992 July
Media festival: Marc Marc - his clone.
Details unknown.
Moscow/Ohio 1992 May
Adapted into the Kolodzei avantgarde Art collection.
Chaos Revisited, 1992
Study of Chaos programming and transformation to custom software to explore a more individual interpretation of Chaos created pictures.
Moscow, 1992 Apr
'Central House of Artists' Exhibition, Marc Marc and Benten:'Wall of graphics': printed graphics and computer installation.
FOTO magazine 1992 Feb
Dutch photo magazine, 6 page article about Marc Marc and Benten: their computer Art.
Canon Image Centre 1991 Sept
Amsterdam: Art Moderne installation with 9 computers and exhibition of printed Auto-Composed graphics.
BRD tv DW 1991 March
'Focus on Europe', TV broadcasting including Marc Marc in his Auto-Composing studio.
Atari ST Nieuws, 1991 July
'Art on the Atari ST', Cover item in the Dutch magazine 'Atari ST News', About Marc Marc and Benten - their computer Art.
Moscow, 1990 Dec
'Central House of Artists' Auto-Composing: presentation on 3 computers. Exhibition of 120 printed computer graphics made by the Auto-Composer. Exhibition of 21 Moscow made paintings (made during 4 trips in 1990).
Various Arts
Stories, 2002...2006
Marc Marc writes stories about events & adventures.
In English, Dutch & Russian. About Moscow, Travel Guiding and Boat adventures.
Moscow Stories 2001
Moscow Diary. Publications on internet and RUS Magazine
Lips are dangerous - Moscow 2001 Jan
Artists & Models & Audience 7 day performance.
Organizing & Video film registration & Editing
Elves II, Amsterdam 1995 July
Project 'The Lost Case': Giving life to 165 Elves in parcs.
Moscow Teremine institute 1995 Jan
Four hour lecture about Auto-Composing principle in both music and graphic Arts.
Moscow, 1994 Dec
'Momument for Dutch Cheese': Ice sculpture by Marc Marc and Benten at Ice sculpture concourse (-: price for originality).
Elves I, Amsterdam 1993 Aug
At the 'Machine Party' 'The Absolute Threshold': Meet Guiding, Garding, Playing, winking and lonely elves. Lees rescensie Volkskrant
Amsterdam 1993 Mar
Opening speech (small lecture) 'About Art, politics and Moscow'. At exhibition of the Moscow painter Sergey Malyoutin in the East-Church.
Moscow 1993 Mar
'Art Panorama' magazine: Publication of 2 Moscow made paintings.
Sonic Arts
Berlin 'Kunsthaus Tacheles' 1996 Sept
'Der (Re)formatierer', a Determining Sound Moving Sculpture.
Machine to (re)format braincells that contain useless information.
Berlin 'Prater Biergarten' 1996 Aug
'Water creatures', a Determining Sound Moving Sculpture.
In a garden in Berlin as a part of the 'Son Ambiente Klang Festival'
'Arti et amicitiae' Amsterdam 1995 Apr
'The Zone II', a Determining Sound Moving Sculpture.
Rotterdam ''V2' 1995 Feb
'The Zone I', a Determining Sound Moving Sculpture.
Amsterdam 'SAIL1995' Aug
'Voyelles Mobile III', a Determining Sound Moving Sculpture at an exhibition about Athur Rimbaud in 'Het einde van de Wereld'.
Amsterdam Ruigoord, 1994 Dec
'Voyelles Mobile II', a Determining Sound Moving Sculpture at an exhibition about Athur Rimbaud in the church of Ruigoord.
Voyelles Mobile I, 1994 Nov
Exhibition about Athur Rimbaud in gallery 'Canal Grande',IJmuiden.
Hamburg H.M. Stubnitz 1994 Sept
'Washing', a Determining Sound Moving Sculpture in a ship.
Triple-X, Amsterdam, 1994 Aug
'The Art of Measurement', a Determining Sound Moving Sculpture, presented by 'Bijster'
Secret Water, Amsterdam 1993 Aug
Moving Sound installation with 16 speakers during the 'machine party' 'The Absolute Threshold'.
Eck en Wiel 1989
Gallery ' Danielle de Vreeze': Music composed for exhibition: Audio playback installation.
Studio STEIM Amsterdam 1989
Nieuws van het front/Aparato de Oxegeno Und rauchen verboten': Sound Moving choreography for 32 loudspeakers.
Studio STEIM Amsterdam 1988
'Digital and Analog Nose Eating during 3 weeks'
Berlin 1988
Holland festival: 'Master support'
Milkyway Amsterdam 1988
'Sonore Theatrum', 'Sound Moving' plays.
Shaffy Theatre Amsterdam 1987
Radio Rabotnik TV, '100 Ding Dong', Holland festival: music performance.
Aorta Amsterdam 1987
Radio Rabotnik TV, 'Rijk der stemmen': music performance.
Frankfurt 1986
Radio Rabotnik TV, 'On location': Performance.
NL Center Amsterdam 1985
Radio Rabotnik TV, 'Six hours for line audience': 'Brains', Live composed music for film.
Radio Rabotnik TV 1984/1985
Amsterdam: Radio broadcastings - including radio lectures about the basics of musical effects.
Mamma beat Amsterdam 1984 Dec
Single for the Mother Milk Cheese of artist Ine poppe.
Vuilnis Amsterdam 1984 may
A street concert between an enourmous amount of stinky garbage (garbage people striked) - together with other artists.
Unicum tapes 1984
Release of 80 unique (Unicum) Auto-Composed music tapes and related musical concepts (Staalplaat Amsterdam)
's Hertogenbosch/Amsterdam 1978...1989
Basic research on Auto-Composing music.
Using own designed and built devices. Sonic Laboratory
Hardware/Software Arts
Journalist Maintenance Tool 2000
Java Script programmed Contribution Tool for auto generating Internet pages (Custom).
Also historical research, web design and chief-editor for website on Russian - Chechen war.
The Brain Wave Laboratory 1997 Apr
Artikel over The Brain Wave Lab Brain Machine in Atari ST Nieuws (herhaling 1994).
M2Font 1997 Jan
Artikel in Atari ST Nieuws over M2font).
Vero Image 1995
Software to design any graphic pattern based application (Electronic boards, Mosaic design, ornaments and fabric etc). Released for Atari ST computers.
M2Font 1994
Duo FONT editor: manifesting how to write real software (released for Atari ST computers).
The Brain Wave Laboratory 1994 Aug
Artikel over The Brain Wave Lab Brain Machine in Atari ST Nieuws.
Art Moderne 1 1991 July
Public domain release of first public version of the Auto-Composing software (for Atari ST computers).
The Brain Wave Laboratory 1990
Articles about The Brain Wave Lab Brain Machine in Atari ST Nieuws en START. Several articles in Newspapers and magazines about Brain Machines due to the start of the Brain Machine trend in Holland caused by The Brain Wave Laboratory .
Pandora 1990....1996
Graphic program for creative designers including Auto-Composing graphic editor (still in progression).
The Brain Wave Laboratory 1989...1994
A computer controlled Mind Machine (software and hardware).
Sound Mover 1988...1995
Computer controlled Sound Moving system for 64 loudspeakers (software and hardware).
Pyrotech 1988/1990/1993
To control robots, fireworks and flame throwers: used by Erik Hobijn for his 'Dante Organ' (software and hardware).
Auto-Composing (music) 1988...1990
Software only for private research and presentations.
Auto-Composing (graphic) 1987...1994
Software only for private research and presentations.
Main Hardware Arts
Natural M2 Vocoder 2002
Analog Modular 20...28 Channel Natural Sounding Vocoder (Custom series).
TD Cross Generator 2002
Musical Analog Modular device (Custom).
BWL Expander 221 2001
A 22 Channel Brain Machine Expander (Custom).
MIC/DNR spying system 2001
Triple Spying Microphone pickup with DNR (Custom).
Falcon 1998
10 Channel Video Camera Switcher & Mixer (Custom).
VSP 1995
High performance audio recording interface for TV registration(Custom).
The Thinkman 1991
Any tape controlled portable mind machine (Commercial).
LS30 1991
30 user headphone expander for mind machines (Custom).
SA102 1991
Dual user expander and communication device for The Brain Wave Lab mind machine (Medical).
BWL 501 1990
50 user expander for the Brain Wave Lab mind machine (Custom).
BWL 1990...1993
Various hardware interfaces for the Brain Wave Lab mind machine (Commercial & Medical).
E100 1989
Beer resistant Audio Mixer (Custom Radio 100 Amsterdam).
SAT 1989
Unlimited computer controlled signal processor (private).
HHT 1989/1990
Interactive controlling units for installations (Custom).
4MVCA 1989
4 channel multi functional signal processor (Custom).
Montador Dos 1988
12 channel multi functional signal controller (Custom).
DNL-SK 1988
Multi functional volume processor (Custom).
CD333 1988
Multi functional sampler/delay unit to explore extravagant sonic aspirations (Custom).
Firing clock device 1987
Controlling and timing device for Firing Clock (Custom).
Signal Rigger 1987
8 channel multi functional signal controller (custom).
Rabotnik Tour device 1986
Special compact P.A, Mixer design for the Radio Rabotnik TV tour through Europe.
FF DFG 1984
Electronic device to explore 'cross generated music' (custom)
Small devices 1978...1989
Design of many small special electronic devices for musicians and artists (commercial and custom).
Sonic laboratory 1978...1988
Design of many special electronic devices to fulfill alternative aspirations in music: Auto-Composing, Electronic Covers and Psycho Acoustic projects (Private).
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