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Complex Delay 333
Multi Functional musical effect device focussed around a sampler/delay
(Custom Design for Sluik/Kurpershoek).

photo front panel

Block Digram

This is the simplified functional diagram of the CD333. The especially by m2 modified digital delay / sampler module forms the heart of the CD333. The modification consist of making the delay parameter Voltage Controllable and to add a logic interface to create a so called AUTO REC/PB modus. With this you can let the Delay / Sampler automatically switch between Recording (sampling) and Play backing. This can be externally triggered or being based on the audio signal through an Envelope Follower (ENV) and a variable Trigger level control). All the other modules are meant to be in a patch with the delay/sampler to create special effects. All modules are patchable and thus also can be independently used in combination with other device.

Generally: all effects which are based on Delay or Sampling are possible with a wide variety on controlling its character (phasing, flanging, reverb, doubling, sampling). In comparison with a non modified Delay/Sampler, the CD333 one can do more within it range of effects. Also the 3 Joysticks gives you a better control in manually creating dynamic effect.

_____ The CD333 counts the following modules and features

  • Especially modified Commercial Delay/Sampler
    • Voltage Controlled Delay / Sampling / Playback Time/Speed
    • Function select Delay / Sampling / Special Auto REC/PB mode
    • Delay / Sampling Time select 200/800...600/2400ms
    • ENV / TRIGGER to control Auto REC/PB mode
    • REC/PB manual touch switch & foot switch input
    • RESET (Clear) touch switch
    • Course and Fine control Delay Time
    • 3 Channel Delay Time Control Voltage mixer
    • Joystick control Feedback & Output Balance
    • 2 Audio inputs with Balance control
    • Multi color LED function indication
  • VCO 1 (Function Generator)
    • Frequency Control and 3 Frequency ranges (low/medium/high)
    • FM (Frequency Modulation) Inp & Depth Control
    • AM (Amplitude Modulation) Inp & Depth Control
    • FM & AM input select switches
    • Square and Sinusoid outputs
    • Dual LED Frequency indication
  • VCO 2 (mVCO)
    • Frequency Control and 3 Frequency ranges (low/medium/high)
    • FM (Frequency Modulation) Inp & Depth Control
    • FM input selection switch
    • Wave Form Control (WF = saw...tri...ramp)
    • Square/Pulse and Triangle (WF) outputs
    • Dual LED Frequency indication
  • Noise & Random Generator (Analog)
    • White noise, Colored Noise
    • Random Voltage with speed control
    • Dual LED Random speed indication
  • 2 Multi functtional Joy Sticks
    • CV and/or External freely to patch
  • Signal Inverter (AC or DC)
  • Power Supply

Modified Delay & Sampler

An example of a typical possibility of the CD333 due to special modification: The delay line is specially modified to serve automatic switching from record and playback of the sampling possibility of the delay line. In combination with the envelope follower and trigger unit it is possible to let the sampler respond to certain levels to capture a sample and automatically start to play it back. Depending on the feedback level very interesting sound structures can be build up automatically (stacking of sounds). The sound structure renews it self because it is fed by a new sample mixed into the existing sound structure depending on the feedback level.

The delay time can be controlled by a voltage. By combining the dynamic voltages from the two function generators and the noise/random generator and by selecting wave forms & combining different frequencies and depending on the delay-range, a wide range of effects can achieved.

All the effects which are based on a time-delay (phasing, flanging, reverb, echo, doubling) can be dynamically controlled in many ways and also in very original ways to achieve more personal created effects.

The replace meant of Normal/Delay Balance and Feedback by a joy stick lets you dynamically play with the effects with a single hand.

Because the control voltage specifications match with the analog synthesizer / Sequencer, it is possible to easily integrate the CD333 in a total setup

A digital delay/sampler (Ibanez) is adapted into a setup of several Multi functional (patchable) units. 2 multi wave/large frequency range wave generators, noise/random generator, 2 joysticks to control parameters of choice, envelope follower, trigger level unit. The delay is modified to a very fast response on its delay-time control voltage input which is able, in combination with the wave generators, to create very rare delay modulations (weird ring-modulator like effects and Vocoder like effects)
Another special modification is to control the sample / playback switch by an external control voltage. In combination with the envelope follower & trigger level unit this makes it possible to build musical layers (stacking) controlled by the musical input itself (for example). Just plug in any instrument or record, CD etc. and play with the trigger level to experience very interesting repetitive patterns of pieces of music layered together as a complete new piece of music. Or, when one would play the guitar one could adjust the trigger level in such way that when a string is pulled harder than normal this particular bit is sampled and repeated while what follows is normally heard and mixed with the repeated sample (which can fade away slowly - depending on the feedback setting).

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