The Brain Wave

The Brain Wave Lab is still its time ahead - extremely flexible in the creation of Brain-sessions, used by many individuals and professionals to do real research and also group sessions with an expander / institutes & festivals.

Now Tri-Colour models are standard delivered.

Photo: A model with two pairs of goggles (standarly the models are for one pair).

General Features:
  • Tricolour (Red, Yellow, Green), by software control
  • 100 full editable Presets (program steps)
  • Sequencer time table to create sessions (or manually real time)
  • 2 LED Frequency generators (0.06 up to 49 Hz)
  • 2 LED Brightness controls
  • Pulse width and delay controls for LED frequency
  • Extensive Sound control (MIDI and Internal sounds)
  • 1 optional Sound Trigger frequency generator
  • Sync and Hemisync possibilities
  • Possible to immitate alsmost any brainmachine
  • International adapter with Female, Male, High and Hyper position.

. . . . . The latest BWL software has full MIDI functionality with windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000 and XP

Instructions install the BWL Software for PC and Atari ST
Read introduction - load manual enter page
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View luxury custom designed hardware set
Set with two or more goggles
Set with 14+1 goggles
Set with 21+1 goggles
Price list of the BWL sets
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 A custom designed Luxure set

The Brain Wave Laboratory was founded at the end of 1989 by Marc Marc and Jim Wafer to release a software controlled Brainmachine on the market. This Brainmachine, called 'The Brain Wave Lab', is a combination of controlling Software and Hardware (the interface and goggles to be controlled). The software was originally written for the Atari ST computers but, now also a PC version is avalaible.

The Brain Wave Lab not only was the first computer based Brain Machine but also the first with MIDI sound, Tri-Colour and Left & Right Eye control capabilities.

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