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The Thinkman

Portable, any source controlled, Brainmachine

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Functional Description

The Thinkman is a small device (Walkman size) that can operate as a converter from music to light - to function as a Brain Machine. The headphones output of the Walkman is connected to the audio input of the Thinkman. The headphones connect to the audio output of The Thinkman and a special set of goggles connect to the light output of it. The goggles have for each lens 3 LED's, each with a different colour. These LED's light up as a function of the amplitude of the music (the volume level). The conversion of sound to light can be done both as an analog (all over mode) or as a digital (beat mode) function.

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Musical input
The Thinkman can be used with any music input from any headphone source (Walkman, HiFi, Synthesizer etc). The musical input is straight forward translated. To achieve a nice effect as a Brain machine, the musical input is a main factor for success. Minimal music and strong rhythmical music are perfect. But, actually you can use anything you like. Simply test your favourite music.

There are two versions of The Thinkman: a Mono and a Stereo one. Both versions have a Stereo sound output (what comes in also goes out) but, the conversion of the sound to light makes the difference. Also, the Stereo version has the extras to switch to Mono mode (while the conversion from sound to light is kept Stereo) and an extra panning function to control the Stereo mix for the sound to light conversion.

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