The Brain Wave


All BWL sets come with an international power supply 110...240V/50-60Hz.

The BWL sets can be used both on a Windows PC (Pentium 3 or higher, 667 Mhz or higher, Windows NT, ME and XP). The Hardware connects to the parallel (printer) port. The Brain Wave Lab software package together with a proper hardware interface & goggles (listed below) and MIDI sound function on your PC sound card will function as a high performance and very flexible Brain Machine for very low costs.

Below you find the current prices for the Brain Wave Lab set. You also can order Custom Designed Applications (such as expanders) which can be specially designed on your desired specifications.

A set contains:
  • The Software on CD
  • Hardware (external interface and international adapter 1amp)
  • TriColour goggles set (generating Red, Yellow and Green)
  • English manual (HTML) on CD

Prices are listed in Euro's and are including postage.
Prices may change without notice. Not any rights can be claimed based on this prices list.

Pricelist . . . Valuta in EURO's . . . 2008

EU countries . . . . . . . . . . . . . 199
Other European countries . . . . . . . 209
North and middle America, Caribbean . .215
South America, Africa, Middle east . . 217
Former Soviet Republics . . . . . . . .217
Asia, Australia, New Zealand . . . . . 231

You also can order models equipped with single coloured LEDs
(White, Blue, Green, Red) You then have separated control 
over the Left and Right Eye side instead of the TriColour 
option (ask about specs and price if you want such a model).

Thinkman including
battery and postage worldwide:         EURO

Thinkman mono light (TM3c)  9V batt    249
Thinkman stereo     (TMS3c) 9V Batt    294

How to Obtain a set
  • Please varify with Marc Marc your desired order first - send an Email to metioning where in the world you are located. I will respond to you about availability of the set and delivery.

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