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All files of the Brain Wave Lab software are compressed into ZIP files.

Read installation PC version.

Download PC version 4.08 2007 (1.3 MB)
    Download New Session: DRUMS (4 KB)
    Download New Session: CHILL (4 KB)

Read installation Atari ST.
Download Atari ST version oct 2001 (102 KB)

Those who bought the BWL hardware interface & goggles may apply for support. For support on the operation of the BWL software it is assumed that you have the manual and that you also did read it.

Download the complete HTML manual
BWLMANUAL in ZIP format (683 KB)
Extract into any folder you like and start the index.html file as the main page index and go to the manual item.


Installation and run for the PC in 7 steps. Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, XP

1) Unzip the file with WinZip to your C:\ partition
...(and keep the directory structure which is included to the .ZIP file) ...all files are copied to C:\brainlab (you may change later after testing).

2) Plug in the BWL goggles to the printerport and power the BWL hardware interface.

3) Run the Steem.exe program from the program manager (in C:\brainlab\) You also may create a shortcut on your desktop. Steem will start immediately the Brain Wave Laboratory program. Click the right mousebutton to start a session and also to stop the session.

4) To quit: Hit F12 and then close the STEEM window.

5) Read all the .TXT files about starting / installation / configuration (in C:\brainlab\).

No Modifications
There are NO modifications made on your system and you may copy the files to another partition if you then change all drive C:\ pointers in the init file and the shortcut to the new location of your desire. Removing the software simply can be done by putting the folder and all its contents into the trash.

You are advised to first test the software by having it in the original location on your C:\ drive to prevent that you forget to mutate some init setting and therefore it does not work.

Download/Read while downloading:
- readme.txt
- install-pc.txt
- demos.txt
- version.txt
- trouble.txt

To first read more about the PC installation if desired and some more general information.

While downloading the software package or the manual you can then read the text. Also, all of these text files are included to your download and will be available after you unzip it!

Hardware set up for the PC
The sound goes via a sound blaster compatible card - The goggles are connected to the printer port. MIDI now is fully supported. You can use your sound card MIDI emulation or an external MIDI device. This creates the ultimate Brainmachine.

The software is extremely easy to install: just unzip all the files to your C:\ directory . Start the program, connect your goggles and headphones and click the right mouse key to brain away.

setup pic PC

Installation Atari ST/TT

1) Download the ZIP file.
2) Format a disk at 720 KB on your Atari ST.
3) Unzip the file with WinZip to the disk.
4) If you have the BWL hardware, connect it to the printer port of your Atari.
5) Insert the disk into the Atari drive and start BWL_P4xx.PRG

Start the program, connect your goggles and headphones. Select the [VV] button in the sequencer menu and click the right mouse key to brain away.

Harware setup for the Atari
setup pic


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