''Water Creatures''

Sonic enviroment to give life to artificial
creatures in a garden

Prater Biergarten

Marc Marc, Berlin - 1996 August 15...31 Presented by Staalplaat & Gallery O-Zwei
'Son Ambiente Klang festival'

Existential abstraction

New creatures moved
into the garden,
living in harmony with
all others as being in
their natural biosphere

Acoustical appearance
Imaginary creatures

Prosaic abstraction

16 Loudspeakers were hanged in a
garden - most of them in the trees.
By computer programmed algorithms
noise sounds were moved over the
loudspeakers system. Five pieces
were programmed, each consisting
out of multiple moves with
dynamic noise colouring.

The speed of the moving noise,
the colour and absolute volume
dynamics were tuned to interact
with both the acoustic
characteristics of the garden and
the perception of the visitors.
All together forming a psycho-
acoustic installation, manifesting
a sweet fairy-tail like concept

The illustration above shows a worksheet to give live to 7 creatures and their terratory in the garden. All data is fed into the data base of the controlling software: moving character, dynamical change of noise colour and absolute volume. All creatures move simultanous with their own characteristics.

The moving is done by controlling 32 so called Voltage Controlled Amplifiers (VCA's) that are fed with Noise sounds which are filtered by 8 Voltage Controlled Filters (VCF's) which use White Noise as a base input signal. All these units are analog but, are controlled by the computer via Digital to Analog control Voltage converters.

The audience hardly
notice that there are
16 loudspeakers wired
up and that something new has moved
into the garden.
At a certain moment it
appears that something
is there but, what it
exactly is remains a

Even more hidden are
the techniques behind
it. All loudspeakers
are wired to the
control room. There the
amplifiers, interfaces
and computer make sure
that the creatures are
moving around in the
garden for 24 hours a


For this projects I own special thanks to: Wolfgang Krause from Gallery O-Zwei and GeertJan Hobijn from Staalplaat as being the organisators. Erik Hobijn, Tecla Akker and SilkeScreen for their general support. Philipp Thuerwaechter for his Java programming. Ulf Schleth from Thing.de for his server support. Eric Verwaal - Dutch Cultural Attache for Germany : transport support, donation of a computer and for being there. Digitale Stadt Berlin : for the use of a 'windows 95 computer'.

WWW Control

Originally the installation was also meant to be controlled by WWW access. Lots of work was done to have this working (in particular by Philipp Thuerwaechter). Then - about to be ready to take off with it - I decided that the creatures could not bear the World Wide Web access (they would die) and thus cancelled the Internet part of the concept (sorry guys).

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