Exhibition, Marc Marc and Sergey Maloutin
December 1990
Central House of Artists

During the year 1989/1990, I made four trips to Moscow. The original plan, during my first trip was to have an exhibition with paintings, computer graphics and a Sonic installation. The Moscow painter Sergey Maloutin, who I met in Amsterdam offered me this opportunity and would take care about organizing it. He arranged to keep this exhibition in a place called 'Institute for peace' on the prospekt Mira. The posters and small catalogue were designed and then it was waiting for the time that they also would be printed. This was, at that time, a serious problem because of paper shortage. Sergey kept on spending money (as promotion gifts for the printer) but, they did not get printed.

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Marc Marc Moscow - MarcMarc MD Artist - Saying: The Central House of Artists
Marc Marc Moscow - MarcMarc MD Artist - A view at The Central House of Artists
(A view at the Art palace in Moscow)

Since I had my visa arranged, I decided to go to have a look myself in Moscow, although the exhibition would not take place yet. It turned out that I had to go 4 times before an exhibition would take place. This finally happened, not in the originally planned place but, in the most prestigious exhibition hall in Moscow, The central House for Artists (Tsentralneey Dom Goodoshnika).
Marc Marc Moscow - MarcMarc MD Artist - Marc in front of the building plus billboard

Translation of the bill board:
Marc Marc . . . . Sergey Malyoutin
Amsterdam . . . . . . . . . . Moscow
Paintings. . . . . . . . . . . Paintings
Computer graphics. . . . . . . . . . . .

Marc Marc Moscow - MarcMarc MD Artist - Marc and Sergey

  Unfortunately most of the documentation about the exhibition (video and photographs) was stolen from my luggage at Moscow airport. Lucky enough some photographs were taken from the video before leaving and transported in the handluguage.

The photo at the left shows you Marc Marc (left) and Sergey Malyoutin (right) at the opening of the exhibition.

A part of the collection of paintings which I made in Moscow and were exhibited.

Go see them in the gallery
And read some about it.

Marc Marc Moscow - MarcMarc MD Artist - A view at the exhibited paintings
The computer terminals at the exhibition to present the idea of Auto-Composing.

At the background some Auto-Composed graphics.

Marc Marc Moscow - MarcMarc MD Artist - A view at the exhibited paintings

As you can see, the presentation looks quite primitive - not as you would expect to see in the largest expo house in Moscow! If I look at the photographs myself I know that this never could have been done in the West without being ashamed about the presentation-form but, at the same time I realize that this was Moscow in 1990! If you were not there at that time, its hard to understand how hard even the most simple things were to get them done. Getting power supply for the computers took a whole day and this was not a bad score at all.

Even a single screw to mount something could take a whole day when not the right person could be found who was supposed to have such things. Visiting shops in Moscow was of course not a problem but then it must be said that the shopping itself was unfortunately not possible due to the lack of anything to buy. This was ironicaly because I assumed myself to be a millionair when I calculated how much I could buy if it was there.

Permission to exhibit we got but, futher support without stepping into a burocratic trap was not possible. Actually we even did not get a real exhibition hall - we proposed to do it in the 'offices-walkthrough' aside the real exhibition space. The audiance automaticaly got there on their way when looking around. Nobody seem to be disturbed by the primitive presentation. The exhibition of my paintings and the computer presentation in fact turned out to be a 'spectacular' event in this museum that hardly had any perestroika gotten yet.

I ow special thanks to Sergey Maloutin; my supervisor, manager, bodyguard and baby sitter - Georgi Pachikov and all members of the Moscow Children Computer Club who sponsored me the computers - Vladimir Koorapatov; director of the Central House who allowed us - Ira & Julia for initial support and many artists who invited us to their studios and gave us a warm time.

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