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Central House of Artists
Exhibition of Moscow made paintings, graphics
and Art Moderne presentation on 3 computers.

  A selection of
the paintings









The central House of Artistst in Moscow is one of the largest exhibition halls in Russia. During the year 1989/1990 An exhibition of my painting was planned in another place but in the end this was cancelled. I decide to go to Moscow myself to see what was up. During 4 visits of each 3 weeks I made new paintings in Moscow which I wanted to have exhibited there. Finally I ended up in the best place to be at the time; The Central House of Artists. Althought the surcomstances were quite primitive, the exhibition attracted many visitors. It was clear that the kind of colourfull and abstract work was new to be exhibited into this museum. The reaction of the audiance was not positive in gneral. Quite a lot of people were embarrased about it (how could our gouverment allow this artists to be exhibited!). Most of the the 'normal audiance' had a big laugh about my paintings. It was childish they said. True, the children they had with them liked it a lot. Futhermore, many professional artists, designers and architects liked the fact that it was there. Of course, they saw it also as a prove that perestroyka was entered into the museum.

No matter what the reaction was of the audiance, many came. In the many exhibitions I had after this one (in the same museum) never it was so exciting anymore as it was with this exhibition. Of course it was the first time and this counts a lot but, also my exhibition had an historical meaning that had to do with the fact that the exhibition was held at the edge of an enourmous change in Russia. This exhibition was a symptom of that change.

Graphics & Computer
The success of the exhibition was not only due to the paintings. I also had 120 computer graphics exhibited and 3 computers standing on a table to show how the graphics were composed automaticly by my software.

Because of being at the exhibtion myself every day. I met a lot of interesting people who more or less were into art themself. I was invited by many of them to bring a visit to their studio. I did and, besides an interesting talk, we had a lot of fun together.

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