Der (Re)formatierer

Machine for (Re)formatting brain cells
which contain useless information


Marc Marc, Berlin - 1996 September 26...29

Before Treatment:

Useless Information

Brain areas containing
useless information are
clearly visualized as spots.

After Treatment:

Reformatted again

All useless areas are
reformatted to store usefull
information in future again.

Gaining lost cells back
'Der (Re)formatierer' is a machine that ables to gain back the brain cells that contain useless information and thus make them available again for our brains. The brain-scan illustration above, at the right hand, is showing the result after treatment with 'Der (Re)formatierer'. As you can see from this DUC scan all coloured spots (affected areas) are gone - The cells are accessible again for new information (this could be useless information too).

How does it work?
The client is standing at a marked position, surrounded by two so called sound cubes. These sound cubes (16 special loudspeakers) produce both spectral noise and high frequency waves - balanced at specific rates arround the client. All brain cells are bombed by these frequencies but, in contrast to healthy cells, only the cells that contain useless information are sensitive for these frequencies. The inaccessibillity of these cells is broken and what is still there on useless information will be erased.

A session with 'Der (Re)formatierer' only takes 3 minutes to cure the brain cells that contain useless information. The solution to solve the serious problem of brain cells that contain useless information is simple and efficient but, also knows restrictions. After formatting again the cells are extremely sensitive for any information and thus also for useless information. Secondly, one only may (Re)format brain cells once and thus the client should be aware of that (Re)formatted dammage brain cells implies a definite loss when they are used again for useless information.

Useless information
During our life we consume a lot of useless information. In particular since the mass media entered our world, useless information comes daily to us in large quantities (television, newspapers, Internet, glossy magazines, small talk, americanisation etc). All this information is stored in our brain.

What is the effect on our brains?
Brain cells that contain useless information are hardly accessed anymore.The result, over time, is that their accessebillity system becomes stiff while the information itself becomes weak. In the end the information in the cell is gone but the cell cannot be used anymore. The brain-scan illustration above, at the left hand, is showing how a DUC scanner displays the areas which contain loads of brain cells with useless information. The shown DUC scan represent an average and relative slight dammage - rated for people below 25 years old. At the age of 40; all sections of the brains are useally affected.

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