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Why Arts?
Simply because an artist makes Art, also when he is programming a computer. Of course, there is more to say about it than simply this. But, nevertheless this is basically the essence of it.


What difference does it make?
The difference between a software writer and an artist who writes software is the fact that the software writer is asked, based on his expertise, what software to write. The artist however decides what to write based on a certain desire to create an application.


Art Moderne
A main Art project dealing with Software can be found at The Art Moderne index page. This index page will guide you to many software based graphical Art projects.


Sound Mover
Another main Art project dealing with software you can find at The Sound Mover index page. This explains about the 16 loudspeaker system for sound choreography and projects.


The Brain Wave Laboratory
A commercial project you can find at The Brain Wave Laboratory index page. This handles about the Brain-Machine software/hardware project.
Lees artikel hierover in Atari ST Nieuws.


An Art project for which special software was written to control pyro-techniques can be found at The Dante Organ page - the flamethrower organ of the Dutch artist Erik Hobijn


M2 Font
A pure software project to research the creation of a Font editor program which was meant to also really work with instead of starring at only, you can find at the M2FONT Duo Editor page.
Lees artikel hierover in Atari ST Nieuws.


Vero Image
Vero Image: an alternating design program. Originaly designed to create worksheets for electronic board design on so called 'Vero Boards'. It also suits very well to design anything which need to be build up from many small objects (mosaic design for example). Essentially the program was a modified version of a text editor - simply puting pre defined objects instead of text characters. This concept of running freely (and quickly!) with a cursor over the sheet to place, remove or replace small objects anywhere on the sheet. It features object library editing, keyboard assigment to customize which objects would appear when pressing whatever key at the keyboard. By simply redrawing the sheet with another selected library it was easy to create sub-sheets to only focus on certain details of the sheet. All vero board designs which are included into the electronic descriptions of my projects on the web are made with Vero Image.


Pandora Creatress
Pandora Creatress Pandora is a graphical program to draw by freehand and/or by using editable algorithms to create in a full or semi automated manner. Many original functions are implemented such as Miracles, Ambients, Aerobics, Avtomat, Wireman and Turtles - functions you problably even never heard about but this is why the program is called Pandora. The on-line manual is richly illustrated.


The luxury life of an experimentalist

My life as an experimentalist implies that I'm seeking for questions, not to be answered but to be explored.
To draw back to software: programming a computer is a horrorble thing to be busy with but, at the same time it opens a horizon to view which suits perfectly to the desire to explore another world. In my case, this horizon is mainly focused on Art.

My site contents documentation about my projects. Quit a lot of these issues handle about Arts that deal with my software - my software Arts. my desire to create a friend. As a manner of speaking of course, because with an artist you never can be sure and that is what everybody seem to want from an artist : to represent the secret desires - to give substance to the unknown.


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