Pandora Creatress


Pandora Creatress is a program to create and manipulate graphics. She was written between 1991 and 1995 and you might wonder why she appears now. Using today's graphical programs I concluded that the manufactures seem to forget about the extra possibilities that a computer can offer in the creative field. Most programs seem to aim at imitating classical freehand techniques and are heavily into image processing. Sure! These programs fulfill certain needs but, they are all so dawn serious that I wonder where the fun to create has gone. Or is having fun only for children?

Pandora mainly has the aim to be a creative and playful tool. She offers many surprises as being alternative ways to create graphics and that is why she is called Pandora. You can take the legendary saying 'Box of Pandora' literal in this case.


Pandora is written by an artist who, due to circumstances, also developed to be a programmer. This probably explains why Pandora is different from any other graphical program.

It must be stated that in the development of Pandora also another artist has played a role. BENTEN, an artist who also learned how to program a computer, developed the so called Miracles function and was at great help for various functions in Pandora.

When you finished with meeting Pandora; take a visit at: Home Benten or Home Marc Marc


The documentation about Pandora is under construction. This means that slowly all the available documentation is put on the web. Because the manual counts more than a thousand pages this will take a while.

Most chapters are richly illustrated to demonstrate the power of Pandora as a package to create by freehand, automatically (Auto Composing) and also for more technical based purposes.

Although Pandora runs also in colour resolution, this manual mainly is written from the monochrome resolution point of view. This concerns most of all the illustrations which are all made in the monochrome resolution. The possibility to select, edit colours is evident and does not need to be mentioned for most functions. The fact that the on-line manual has all illustrations in more or less colour is only for clarity when explaining functions.


Whenever you have questions about the explanation in this manual you should refer to the paragraph number which is listed at the left side column. This paragraph, which you are reading now for example, is numbered as paragraph 0.0.3


This manual uses a style sheet - please make sure that both style sheet and Java option are set enable for your browser.

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All pages & contents are Copyrighted (C)1991/2001 by Marc Marc Amsterdam



  • Date : 1991
  • Program : Pandora Creatress
  • Computer :
    • ATARI 520 ST/STF(m) - 1040 ST/ST(e/f) - Mega ST - TT (in ST mode) Low, Medium and High resolution.
    • IBM Compatible: Pentium 66 MHz or higher, 486 100 MHz or higher - running under the Public Domain Atari emulator 'Steem' or 'Pacifist'
      With the 'Steem' Atari emulator: Pentium III/333Mhz or higher.
  • Size : 288 Kb (no extensions required)
  • Memory : 1 Mb machines (or more).
  • BlitterChip (Atari ST): Should be activated when available.
  • Author: Marc Marc.
  • Manual : Text, illustrations and Layout by Marc Marc.


Pandora Creatress




Although the main menu of Pandora looks quite simple at first glance she has an enormous amount of functions and function-variations which can be controlled with the sub menus that stick behind each function-title-bar at the main screen and, when they appear, they mostly only overlap the lower half of the menu.

The upper part of the menu (the colourful part in the menu illustration) contents options and settings which can take effect with all functions.



As was stated already; this manual is under construction. From the link-list below you can jump to the items which are on-line at this moment. This will load a new document because each manual item has its own.
When you like to have fun with viewing some interesting illustrations I suggest you to jump to one of the available items from the list below.

  • Miracle
  • Ambient
  • Beam
  • Aerobic
  • Mandelplay
  • Pandora
  • recursion
  • Spray
  • Text
  • Writer
  • Modulant
  • Effect
  • Avtomat
  • magnum
  • Bitmap33
  • Bitmap22
  • Wireman
  • Polygon
  • Turtle
  • Block
  • Brush
  • Pfont
  • Fill
  • Line
  • Raster
  • Curve
  • - - -
  • - - -
  • - - -
  • Options
  • View
  • Zoom



  • Main Menu / Basics
  • Drop Down menu
  • Sub menus
  • Undo
  • Load & Save Images
  • Printing
  • On Screen
  • Area
  • Keyboard


by Marc Marc (C)1991...2001