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About the gallery
You are about to enter the gallery of paintings. The gallery is divided into several sections (call them rooms if you wish). In each section, you will find a number of paitings. (of course they are hanging at the wall like patings normally do). You will watch the paitings from a distance (the rooms are quit large and because of the bad influenze of the human breath on paitings you are not allowed to come close).

Citizen from the United States of America and other victorian countries should be aware that visiting the gallery may be against their sense of decency and law. Although most of the paintings are abstracts, they were notified by third party as being erotic and some of them even were declared as being pornographic. People can have strange minds. Nevertheless, if you younger than your local priest, please leave. painting


Season wing


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AM graphics gallery

Moscow wing

Other wings are in preparation
Almost illegal, Misc wing, Lash wing and more

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