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_____About this page
This page lets you view Auto Composed Graphics in both colour and Black/White.

Notice that all graphics are copyrighted and thus, it is not allowed to freely use them without a written permission from Marc Marc.

_____About the graphics
When you view the graphics, you can look at different ways to them: As being abstract graphics that you like or not but, also with keeping in mind that they are Auto-Composed. This means that they are created by my software automatically - running an algorithm that produces unique variations, based on a certain creation concept. These algorithms were programmed in both GFA-BASIC and GFA-ASSEMBLER on the ATARI-ST computer. The main goal of my research in this field was to let the machine produce these graphics automatically without being just a calculator. The graphics are not calculated but created(!) and also created fast (less than a second up to some seconds).
The idea behind my technique of creating software for this purpose is to reflect the composing 'game' - 'played' by the artist when making his abstracts. This is (or can be) a process of intuition, random behaviour and unexpected moves - with a backup of talent, experience (+mannerism) and inspiration. How to transfer this with a computer language?


View sets of colour graphics:


Marc Marc - MarcMarc MD artist - mircir01

_____The MIR concept

The first set of six graphics were Auto Composed by a routine that is called MIR. First, it starts to create an 'ugly' symmetrical picture (2nd row - right picture). It is composing this continuously for a about 20 seconds. Some stages are displayed until the time for this first composing stage is passed. Then, some hocus pocus (secret of the cook) is done and sequentially - each 3 seconds - 9 pictures will appear (like the first and last 2 that are displayed here). After this, the cycle starts again. It is fun to see beautiful extractions appear that are based on the first 'ugly' composing stage.

_____The CIR concept

The 3 graphics at the lowest row were Auto Composed by a routine that is called CIR. The base technique is straight forward (like the title CIRcles already suggests). The base is created by drawing filled circles at 3 fixed center point at the screen. These points are tuned carefully at a relative position from each other to achieve a certain impact of the composition. The circles are drawn hidden (you will not see it happen at the screen). Then certain manipulations are done (within 1 second) and the result is shown at the screen. The CIR routine continues its work again by drawing circles over the previous result and after the manipulation again a next result is shown. The interval of the displayed results is 3 seconds. Usually (it has its own will) the CIR routine starts with a result that counts little details and then grows towards more detailed results. All of a sudden it can happen that the routine takes a refreshing action to clean up the overkill on details.


Marc Marc - MarcMarc MD artist - coladi01

_____Various concepts

These graphics were Auto Composed by various routines. Like with most routines, first a base is drawn by using some elementary drawing primitives. Then this base runs through several manipulation stages. While each result is shown at the screen, the routine is already secretly busy with taken some more elementary drawing actions and manipulations. This means that each result that follows is a mutation of the previous one. After a while it has grown towards a complete different graphic.


Marc Marc - MarcMarc MD artist - poltfi01

_____The POL concept

The first 3 graphics were Auto Composed by a routine that is called POL (after Polak, the action painter). Basically, it is a very simple routine. The composition is giving a certain 'direction' by using a background base with 3 rectangles and by using line and spot drawing actions from two specific points. The sublimation of the expression is done by a complex routine that forces straight lines and areas to become more vibrated.

_____The TFI concept

These graphics are Auto Composed by a routine that is called TFI (I forgot why). The routine starts with drawing a rectangle and a halve circle. Then it draws lines (this all happens secretly). After each session of line drawing there is some hocus pocus done and the result is shown each 3 seconds. After a certain amount of sessions, the routine starts again from the beginning.

In computer arts, there is plenty of glossy stuff in the range of realistics and animation. All done with wizzy software. What about some abstracts?

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The Moscow 1998 collection of Auto Composed graphics.

Moscow 1998 - Central house of Artists


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