Marc Marc 1984

FF Cross Generator

Custom design for Franz Ferdinand Feigl

Analog application to explore "cross-over feedback" sound generation & control voltage sequences and ring-modulation of audio signals.
Two wide range function generators are used in a set-up to have them controlled each other. Normally when you try to do this they will lock each other to a certain centre frequency (and this is not interesting) but due to special design they start to create random sound patterns which are pretty interesting. An 8 step analog sequencer is included to voltage control one or both generators.
The FF is used to generate weird sounds by trial and error. Playing with the device gives the joy of unexpected sounds and this leads to new ideas of using certain sounds. Both generators also can function as a ring modulator.

AM (aplitude modulation - Voltage controlled)
FM (Frequency modulation - Voltage controlled)
Waveform: Sinus, Triangle, Sawtooth, Square

The function generators are not from the same type as can be found in synthesisers. Instead they are types which are used in measuring equipment. They have a linear voltage control on FM and AM modulation control inputs.

A Reincarnation of the FF Cross Generator you can find at: 2002 TD Cross Generator

More details about the roots of a device such as the FF Cross Generator, you can find at the Sonic Laboratory

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