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This manual will explain about Analogue Custom Designed Musical Devices. Gear which was custom designed and can be reproduced or rebuild based on your desired modification.

Not only the technical features and possibilities will be treated but also the musical and creative impact will come to an insight.

The Analogue Custom designed devices of Marc Marc Amsterdam are always special due to a thorough understanding of the analogue techniques which were used since the Analogue Synthesizer technology began. Applications always could have been improved and have extra functionality incorporated because for Custom Designed devices no 'dime-screwing' need to done. This in contrast to commercial serial produced devices. It is all up to you on how you like to have your device composed.

  • Author of this manual: Marc Marc - Multi Disciplinary Artist / Designer of electronics. EST 1977
  • Date: December 2002
  • Origin: elementary research done from the early eighties until now.

This manual is just started and thus many items are not yet filled in.
The table of contents at your right hand shows you which items are planned to be documented.

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