The Supreme Penalty of Tchikatilo.

Michael Volokhov


Prison. Solitary cell for condemned. Tchikatilo slowly walks from one corner to another of the chamber and talks to himself.

Tchikatilo (Chewing crust of bread, crooning): Urban noise is not heard...

The coachman is sitting on the coach box. "I loved you. Love still can be, has not died away absolutely in my soul; but let it does not disturb you any more; I do not want to sadden you by anything. I loved you stilly, desperately, oppressed at one moment by shyness, at another by zealously. I loved you so sincerely, so dearly, as may God gives you to be loved by another". Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin. My favorite, dear, unsurpassed poet. That's the way we live, Alexander Sergeevich. Everywhere there is silence, peaceful and quiet. Meal brings in time. Nobody shouts, does not offend. The security guards-soldiers treat even more respectfully than this scum-lawyer, homosexual jewman. They have obtruded him. They have understood, that I am a resigned, kind man and therefore they have obtruded the jewman lawyer-saboteur. So what, did they win the case? I have been sentenced to mortal calvary and it means that they have won the case or what? Had they judged me? Well-well. They have judged themselves, because they have sentenced me to mortal calvary. Yes, indeed!
Only from where so many victims were found? And everyday again and again new mums, daddies, aunts, uncles and all sorts of friends appear. They receives heart attack during legal proceedings, puts in injection, and changes. Indeed! It is a very feeble public in now days. I understand that all children always have two parents. Well, uncles, aunts, friends - I understand. But it cannot be thousand blood relatives at half-hundred people, bitch, was killed by me. I am not Boris Godunov, I did not removed the czarevitches, bitch, from the Russian empire. I am not the Ivan the Terrible. Not the Joseph Stalin, bitch.
And that I have given the blessed death to their blood relatives who now are already eternally innocent - they do not want to understand and evaluate it, they can not for some reason, that their children found oneself in golden paradise, by passing a sheer hell of life. Did not have the time to pass the fifth class yet, and already found oneself in golden paradise. Certainly suffered before death. And tell me, who without sufferings in this cosmic vale ends? And the road to paradise should be earned -should be earned by great sufferings.
When I twisted the knife in their body in a safe place from heart, anticlockwise, and then also clockwise, and with this going on the children shouted, sobbed and cried, splashing in their royal blood - was it easy for me to tolerate all this??? Although, it was pleasant, certainly. The are no words - it was very pleasant. You read Dostoyevskiy. He clearly written: give a man a place in a cliff of ten centimeters wide and let wild eagle, awfully blood-thirsty, every day of the week come flying to fly to peak his liver - the man will simply agree with great pleasure even to such knackery life instead of death. And Dostoyevskiy was the prophet - this he wrote about us, the Russian future Soviet people. He has written all beforehand that what will happen with us, the Russian people - what Soviet fortunes-misfortunes will step on head and will crush the soul.
Well, did you listen to the genius-prophet? And they, bitch, sentenced me to calvary. And for five minutes before execution, they have replaced the calvary into prison. And what the man in these five minutes before execution had gone through, the greatest Russian writer, bitch, - it's all the same for you. No, well after such human shock, he started to write hearty novels about people. The prophets, geniuses are hearty guys - for that they are genius, prophets.
And the people do not forgive tenderness of feeling to geniuses. Pushkin was nailed down, Lermontov was nailed down, Gumilev was nailed down, Mandelshtam was nailed down, Lorka in orange garden was nailed down. A perversion. I-a hearty man will be nailed down in prison at least. As Gumilev. As Mandelshtam. It is a Russian Jewish destiny. What to say. To whom you can prove that you are a lovely contemplator of ingenious truth.
For the truth they slays. Especially for the Jewish-Russian truth. People, dirty swine slays prophets of compassionate Russian land-mother, even as painfully. And you, swine, want that your children, innocent souls, would turn into the same dirty swine, as you are? So that they became businessmen, visitant racketeers, and so that they would afterwards begin slaughtering each other for every coin of a dollar? And then if somebody from your children at maturity became such maniac as I am - and would become, due to his cordiality, to delegate your children in paradise to the God? O-о-о! Aha!
You have nothing against that I am sending the future heartfelt maniacs that are already in an embryo, but still sinless, to the paradise to God, because of my warm-heartedness, bitch?
The Jew-lawyer, the Jewman with stupid dirty mug did not say in favour of me this ingenious human truth. Why the hell, this Jew-lawyer receives salary with honorarium, if I had been sentenced to be shot? Damn! Why the hell I took off my trousers in court - showed to everybody my dearest penis - cooled? There, during the process, all the time they had complete chaos with this draught. The door is constantly either opening or closing: the doctors with various nurses in white dresses are coming in to give injections to heart sufferers from heart attacks - produces draught and medicinal stink.
This is the National State Court, and there is no order - and moreover are surprised. Stain established the order - it was not pleasant. They sweared at Lenin, when it became possible, when it was permitted to play as dissidents. And who has permitted? The one, who also earlier always sat in the presidium in all party assemblies and signed death sentences on behalf of Stalin and Lenin.
Well, well. It is exactly as busy in onanism with Ninel in frost. The same complete chaos is hypocritical. You stand three hours in a frost at the entrance will her with arms round each other - you cannot attract her inside the house. And what - Ninel has woken-excited a sadist inside me, has woken a beast in me. Three, damn, snow-white winter months, I all the time presented her flowers - I gifted her vinous colour pinks, as colour of love, violence and blood. But she did not surrendered to me. She thoroughly steamed all me brains with platonistic devastating love. She hurt me in the most intimate places. You spoke to me, like milksop - you have no manliness in you, damn, no manliness. Now, probably, whore, bitch, you have seen the reporting on the TV about me. Only once I got into your pants and felt your vagina with my hand. Only once there is a holiday in a lifetime.
I even quoted you from Voznesenskiy - my favorite poet from TV - "Remove the portrait of Lenin from money, because he, Vladimir Illych meant for flags and banners!" And this damn Brodskiy, the Jew, receives Nobel Prize. Yes, Stalin made Nobel Prize for all of these damn Jews. And for Pasternack, and for Sholokhov, and for Solzhenitsin, and for Gorbachev-homosexualist.
But about Gorbachev, certainly, absolutely it is a separate conversation. He gave Freedom, damn it, to Russia, bitch. Thanks - thanks for the centuries for freedom!!! And for the calvary, thanks. A bullet from a pistol will nail me down as a real poet. The geniuses do not live for long in world, especially in ingenious Russia. We are all genius in Russia therefore there the chaos is the most ingenious.
And I am not the only one here in Russia. But I am only one who won global glory. And how many of, damn, ingenious sadists, scums create their own great shady dealings in obscurity? If Nobel Prize were given for sadism - a hell of born genius would have been found in Russia. So judge, where we are going. We are going-going-going - cheerful friends. The cheerful neighbors and the friendly family. La-la-la! la-la-la! We are carrying a cat with us, a monkey, a parrot - such a gathering. Such a gathering.
I plucked red flowers, when the flowers were blooming red and they shed blood of love on the ground, when I killed them with gentle love. It is possible-necessary to live on earth only for ten years. And if you are a genius of unbelievable hallmark and the very first friend of cosmic nature and also have lived on earth for the whole forty years - then the nature itself will call you to help her - to pluck the children-flower, who are ten years old and to let out their innocent soul on will.
And now, damn, for this poetry, bitch, the dirty mugs will shoot down me. Nicholai, the inveterate gambler of domino spoke - the pistol here, with them is fixed to the telerelay. In one fine day, you will go through corridor for a walk and the telerelay will snap into action and the telepistol will make a hole in your brain. And most likely anybody from the people does not pull the trigger, does not bear the responsibility. It is not necessary to repent then.
What, now only Svetlana - my wife thinks about me? It was needed to think earlier. Otherwise she cannot do it in bathroom. I want teach. I ask her to suck off - and suddenly it seems to her salty. Here, she is guilty herself. Certainly, now she had to leave the homeland, and take far away our children-happiness, Stephane and Lida. Otherwise you see that people-bitches will slaught my innocent children at the age of ten, in revenge. I slaughtered concerning spiritual level-volume, bitch, isn't it?
In the process, I certainly felt the heaven. And it was also pleasant to bring in cops in the places of my murderous deeds and to look at their reaction, especially when children's dead bodies were dug out there. And though it is strange enough, but really you catch the main tender heaven after all of your crimes. There you slaughter-kills the dear child, well a maximum of fifteen - ten minutes, if it is with a gradual twiddling. Well, you rape for 1.5 hours. And if fifty times is multiplied at least by two hours then we will get hundred hours - a little bit more than four days. And the court - process, damn, lasted seven years - and now count the duration of heaven.

And a special Jewish punishment has been destined to me - without painful bliss, bitch, without Russian national bliss. A telepistol - and Andrew is finished. And in early days what incomparable punishments were in the world. In early days, impaling was done by wonderful ass, were quartered on wheels, on carrousels in front of the people. In China where the culture is most ancient in the world - slowly your tummy was torn into pieces, or was thrown in an ant hill to ants for gobbling, or hammered in you by drops of water from curative spring on skull by torturing for many days. And year-by-year to everyone - to butchers, to victims and to people, it was pleasant.
Well, damn, our hearty clever and sincere people also came to look at with enthusiasm. It have no reason to complain - the success, damn, was great. They came from many countries. When I showed my alive-warm penis in the movie camera - I tried it for all living mankind. The lawyer instructed me to pretend to be schizophrenic. No, comrade, my Jew-laywer. About the schizophrenia, everything is all right with me. I showed my penis in front of the movie camera for the deary mankind, for no particular reason.
Have you heard somewhere about altruisms, Jews? Yes, you can brain wash on the TV with your Jew sperm and receive Noble Prize, for this total depravity of simple people with blue eyes. And I, here, all the time kissed some Ninel free of charge in the Russian freezing winter, but she did not surrendered to me. Last time, when I hugged one another, my naive penis suddenly sprinkled about three hundred grams of sperm, on her boots. And at the moment she reacted, damned wretch. And she started to barf by mouth on the snow path. When Koshkin, the weight-lifter-KGB man, the world champion, put into her mouth, she did not barf, bitch. And when I lowered to her on the boots accidentally, she barfed the entire snow path around her. She said that Koshkin's is forty-five centimeters. No, there is something, which is unbelievable.
He told her all manner of tales that as if in the West, where he engaged himself in weight-lifting, only naked bodybuilders, weight-lifters, lays on the beach, and all kinds of Ninels-whores walking between them measures the penis. And, ends without leaving the place with the one who has the longest one. And I kissed her lovely within three winter months on a frost and always gifted her expensive flowers from the bazaar. Certainly, I am not Koshkin, not a weight lifter, I do not have the half meter long thing. But, my dear darling Ninel, sex is done not by penis but by soul. You see, because of you, I betrayed my wife Svetlana - I told lies in front of her eyes that as if I on stayed too long for additional classes in my dear vocational school, as if I am presiding a study group on western literature about Nitsche and Camu. Ninel is not in a position to evaluate this. Isn't it?
O, how the youth loved me!!! And all this is not a lie!!! They Love me in the Vocational school both as a person and as a qualified, intelligent teacher Russian language and Russian native literature. I was tenderly called as uncle Andrew because of that I behaved humanly with all the rascals of this school.
What do you think, how I seduced the children to take away them in the forest? Only by the cordial human conversation. It is not possible to play as the actor Stanislavskiy the life of human spirit. Here the soul should be angelic and kind by nature, so that to persuade fifty-four persons to go to primeval forest for immolation
"I laid as a corpse in the desert, and the God's voice has appealed to me: "Arise, prophet, and watch, and listen. Execute the will of mine. And by passing around the seas and lands, burn up the heart of the people with word". And I moreover, damn, added with knife. Loved me at my job, at the vocational school.
And not only at job. There was an event happened with me. When the convicted Gennadiy has seduced me and processed my gentle posterior and then blabbed out to everyone about this seduction - people-skunks began to laugh at me. They did not hee-haw at Gennadiy as he was active. And then the passive slaughter, damn, the active. This Gennadiy abused me with sexual intercourse. As I expected, everybody have thought that the prisoners to get even due to their friendship in jail. But it is me, I have the honor, your obedient servant.
Yes, I drove into the heart of the prisoner Gennadiy a screwdriver with a prison painful pleasure. What is the pleasure without a pain? Damn it, unfortunately, it was impossible to torture Gennadiy by twisting. He has bicepses stronger than Koshkin's. He would have sober up because of pain at that moment. And he would have razed me to the ground, bitch, without efforts. The God himself has put him to me on the sacrificial altar.
There was a ticklish moment with Gennadiy, as a result of which I felt blissful tingles down my spine. When I drove into him a screwdriver upto the handle, and all of a sudden Genna took a deep breath - I thought that, dear brothers, he returned to life as Christ. Especially, tingling down the spine has increased, when he seized with his right criminal hand the screwdriver handle and pulled out the metal from his body. But Gennadiy did not return to life as Gregory Rasputin after a rusty wound and bang down on the ground plunging the screwdriver into the floor. "A meeting happens only once in a life time, only once the heart's string tears".
Ah! Where are you my electric trains, where I caught the innocent butterflies with the fire of my human soul! I have met firstling-Vitia, little boy in electric trains and lead away to the forest this kid. There, I told him a fairy tale about the grey swan-neck, and then as an award I had him and cut throat. This I understand - was bliss. It was not comparable with the Ninel-retching. Afterwards she called me by herself in the course of many months and offered me by a direct text, bitch. Whether Koshkin hammered out his penis with weight. Or what? And I already didn't wish even to slaughter this Ninel after sweety Vitia. Then it was Dimochka from class four "A", bitch. Then it was Oksana from class five "B". Then it was Egor from class four "Е". And more, and more and more again. I cannot take any offence on my destiny - however I have tried fifty-four sweeties: more deeply than Nabokov Vladimir, I tasted more richly the vivifying sweet drink of terrestrial space up to the mortal pith.
Certainly, now it is not the tsar's epoch - there is no tradition to carry out your last wishes before execution; and also there is no TV, through which the news can be transmitted in the world about me. Even your penis cannot be excited due to injustice. I wish, if only, dirty bitches would give to choose the death itself as it would be desirable. As I executed, damn, princes-children - let also execute me with royal pain, bitch. Only where to find such butcher, so that he at first processed my posterior and only then made sadistic acts by twisting knife. Gennadiy would have managed this task. I would have groaned, cried, sobbed so much, would have asked for help as furiously, for unlimited duration of this most severe torment! My last royal, bitch, torment!!! (Cries, sobs.)
M-m-m, well, the destiny did not give me the change to finish off my life with pain. Because I am not Pushkin, to peg out long and beautifully with the great pain and in my warm and dear bed. And it is not interesting to me at all to kill myself in a painful manner. I am not the maniac-automanipulator. Isn't me? When you are delighted by others murder - then it is too much boring to twist the knife inside yourself, dear friends. Serve me a partner-butcher. Now I will be nailed down by a telepistol, as if I did live on earth. And children will sleep quietly and see joyful dreams. As if I did live on earth. I support the accusation and the public prosecutor. I will be nailed down as soon as possible and this is the end - as if nothing and nobody concerning to me was in the earth. Only one this I do not understand is for what my process continued for so long. Is it to do for my satisfaction? I do not think so. Is it to do for themselves? Yes, for themselves - whom else. The satisfaction is at the expenses of the State, bitch. Dirty soviet scoops. It is you - your dirty soviet scoop system. There all the cordial people, soviet whores received satisfaction up to heart attacks in the process. This soviet system has arisen me, such wolf. What can I do? As the senior skilled comrades edified me - so I always acted according to the morals of the country. If the country has fascist morals then to be a fascist is morally and humanly. I am not an animal - I am a cordial man, guys. There, Stalin and Lenin have slaughtered millions - have shown an example, damn, of Stakhanov's work. The period must be accused instead of me. I am a normal man, but not a schizophrenic with complexity, as most of you are. And schizophrenics, as usual, have sentenced me-a man. And I confessed, repented for them-whores. You see, I repeat: I executed little princes for their own sake - you see, by this, at first, I executed and tortured myself. I went voluntarily for self-immolation of souls. I, protested in such way against you-whores, against the your dirty cheap rough world. Children-princes, thus actually pegged out. It is only I have remained alive in this dirty black world!!! And there is no another world!!! There is nowhere on the Earth!!!!!! (Cries). And many princes even did not cry.
They looked in my eyes with great divine gratitude, and I looked in their angelic eyes. And we felt very very good on this sacrificial bed. And then I dressed them in their royal pioneer dresses, dug pit and buried them royally, humanly as Children- Heroes. Everything I did humanly. And you see, I killed the sacred angels, so that they is flied directly to the God's heavenly paradise, so that they did not become the dirty mugs, so that they did not ruin their souls during eternal years in this hellish dirty world! The hell is already overpopulated by you-bitches. So, thus the devil creeps out of Russia. I am guilty only on that I was born as the most human man, as altruist - has permitted to Russia-mother to squeeze out the devil through myself. You must say "thanks" in such case. But good is fatally punishable in this world. And what if I am right, instead of you with all your bitch human world?! What if I am right before the God???!!! (Cries).