Marc Marc

Marc Marc is from origin a painter but started in 1984 to draw on the computer. This was not satisfying for him and thus he decided to develop another approach in creating art on a computer. In 1987 he learned computer programming and started to create algorithms that were aiming to execute the same creation processes that Marc is used to when painting and drawing. Not an easy job, because there were no learning examples to do so but, Marc already was doing something similar with music; using a complex of analog electronics to automatically generate 'music'. In the years 1987 till 1994 he developed is so called 'Art Moderne Auto Composer (generator)'. This software counts 33 composing algorithms which generate in Marc's style a process of creating images. Because Marc created these algorithms, he considered them as being a part of his own being: they carry a part of his very own soul. Marc has created a 'clone artist' of himself. He did not physically create paintings, nor drawings anymore because he considered to be transformed into software.

Because the algorithms can never create an image the same, each generated image is unique. The graphics at this exhibition display some of the fixated results; moments in the creating process that were halted by Marc to continue as being a piece of art in a conventional form to be hanged at a wall and to be watched as a 'still'.

The first presentation in Moscow of this kind of work, showing the creating process on 3 computers, was in December 1990 in 'The central House of Artists'. Together with 22 colorful abstract paintings especially made for and in Moscow to give this grey city at that time more color. The visitors of the central house of artist were divided into a major group of dislikers (childish paintings they said - what a shame!) and a minority of art-insiders and all children who liked the works of Mark and saw his exhibition in the Central House of Artists a proof that perestroika really was begun. His computer presentation was an eye-opener for many insiders and avant-garde artist.

Now, we are 14 years later. Things has changed a lot in Russia. Modern art is no longer prohibited to a few 'elites'. This is why this exhibition is called "Progress".

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