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Mains Power Delay

In general

The Mains Power Delay functions as an automate to power all the components of the sound moving installation by pushing a single button (the main switch). Not all components may be powered at once because this may cause problems due to a strong induction spike on the mains line. Also, when the V8 and SM132 are powered up, their registers are in random state and this may cause strong audio signals to be present at the outputs. These signals would be amplified by the power amplifiers and produce a hell lot of noise. This not only would be rude but also could damage the loudspeakers (the amplifiers have their volume at maximum level because the V8 and SM132 control the volumes).

The Mains delay unit is able to switch the components sequentially in 4 stages - each with a certain delay time between them.

Diagram picture

First the computer monitor is switched on. Then the computer and equalizer. The computer will automatically load and start the software from disk. The program will send out a continuous stream of reset data for both the V8 and SM132 units. Then the V8 and SM132 units are switched on and immediately will receive the reset data and thus will be initialized for silent audio outputs. The last step is to power the amplifiers.

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