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Specialist in analogue Audio en Music equipment.

Reparation - Renovation - Modification

If you own a vintage analogue synthesizer which you like to use, it is most likely that you get irritated by one or more defects OR even worse: it does not play at all anymore. The solution to this problem is to have Marc Marc repair it. As a specialist for over 30 years on analog musical instruments, this type of gear does not have any secrets to me.
    You also may consider to have it renovated at the same time. This means that all suspicious components will be replaced, all functions will be re-adjusted/tuned to its original specifications, contact material (pots, switches, In/Outs and internal contact material will be treated or replaced and so on. After renovation it will be fully functional again and its value increased.
     Having your vintage analogue gear treated by Marc Marc gives you a guarantee that it is treated with care and understanding.
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Marc Marc is located in the center of Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Shipping your gear to and from Amsterdam can be done on your terms.

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Photo: repairing a KORG PS 3200.