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Pyrotech Software

The Pyrotech software was developed for the Atari ST series. The printer port is used to send out codes for the interface to be decoded - to toggle bits on/off. These bits settings are controlling the relay drivers which on their turn switch the external devices to be controlled.

Originally this software was designed to control the machines of Erik Hobijn, in particular the 'Dante Organ'. Through the years it has been to several redesigns of both the cosmetics (menus) and algorithms. A funny extra that was implemented 'recently' was the visualisation of the flame throwers (the Dante Organ). When testing a sequence, these on screen flame throwers 'flame up' as being a replacement for the real ones.


software menu

The software can handle 24 out going lines which can be visualized on the monitor screen. It is possible to configure the output format to any receiving interface. Also self defined MIDI information can be send out together with the parallel information.

Each edit line on the menu represent an external device to be controlled (by on/off information). The black vertical lines represent a certain time that the external device is toggled on. By putting more vertical lines next to each other the time duration is set. The time resolution can be set for each edit page independently from 1/8 till 1 second.

Editing a line is either done with the mouse or with the cursor keys. Several manipulations can be done on the line(s) or with the total line(s) and also blocks within one line or over more lines can de defined to be manipulated.

Another feature of the last modified version was the MIDI code that can be send out simulaneous with the parallel centronics output. It is possible to edit for each line which MIDI codes to send out.

The software has a lot of other extra's to serve comfort but, as always; it never is enough when you ask the ones that are using it. Modification of this software, in context to the Dante Organ however is dangerous because it can lead to bugs. The programme is from a functional and executable point of view 100% bug free and this is very important when working with flame throwers that throw there fire for 15 meters and higher.

The software also can be used to control other devices. This depends on the interfacing and this is an external matter.

View Pyrotech Hardware Interface diagram.

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