Marc Marc
Montador Dos
A 16 channel multi functional signal controller
(Custom Design for Yntse Vughts).

Montador Dos front panel

  • 16x VCA (AC coupled)
    • Also to be used as Compressor, Expander, AntiVCA.
    • Separate LIN/LOG inputs and controls.
  • 16x Envelope Follower
    • Seperated Attack and Release Control & LED indication.
  • 4x Mixer
    • 16x mixing sliders
    • 16x routing switches
    • 4x mix outputs (=quadro mix)
    • 2x mix outputs (=stereo mix)
    • 2x2 auxilary mix inputs
  • 2x patch fan-out
    • Input to 5x output (active buffered).
  • 2x multi purpose Amp
    • AC and DC use (audio and Control Voltages)
    • Also can be used as:
      • Differential amplifier
      • Buffer amplifier
      • Inverter
      • Reverter / shifter
      • Dc 5V+ control voltage reference source
  • High Quality Dual Power supply
  • Build in Photo suit case

Montador Dos front panel

This simplified functional Diagram shows you how the Montador Dos is build up.
Notice that each different module only is drawn one time.
The 16 VCA's are all build up exactely equal. Each VCA is connected to the 2x8 channel stereo mixer and thus a quadro mix can be created. Also a stereo output is available an two stereo auxilary inputs.

All modules can be used independently to create many possible patches and interface with other devices.

The 2 AMPs and FAN OUT circuits were add to extend the functionality for different patches.

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