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Marc Marc, a Dutch Multi Disciplinary Artist, grew up in a family of Artists. Surrounded by paint and paintings throughout his childhood, it was a logical consequence that he himself became a painter.

He became a painter of mostly abstracts in which he tried to reach a form of expression that goes beyond literal level but without the loss of intellectual impact.

In his paintings, emotional needs are expressed to substitute desires which could not be fulfilled in daily life. But, there were more disciplines to which he felt attracted to. Parallel to his development as a painter, he went into electronic music and electronics (sonic arts).

With his own designed and build electronics he fulfilled his very own musical conceptions and was manifested as an inventing musician of extra ordinary musical procedures and electronic devices. Besides producing his own works he also designs special electronic devices for other artists & musicians and for medical purposes.


Marc Marc

In 1987 the computer entered his studio. He began to learn how to program, to be able to write his own software. He developed conceptions for so called "Auto Composing" graphics (software) and for sound choreography (software & hardware). The concept of Auto Composing in both graphical and Sonic Arts was one of the most important issues in his work for the past 10 years.

The path Marc Marc is walking in exploring his arts has relationships with both science and art. The artist not only trained to fit into the expectations as an artist, but also equipped with the technical expertise and a certain attitude that could declare him to be an engineer and a Scientist.

He discovered that traveling eastwards was very satisfying in finding affection for his way of working and so Russia (Moscow) became his most favorite destination to travel since 1989.


Marc Marc

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